My Booth

Hestercombe 2016

ShelleyM stall at Frome Show 2013

Frome show stall

ShelleyM stall at Weymouth Craft Fair May 2005

stall at Weymouth
Jewellery stall

left side of jewellery board



middle of jewellery display

mostly earrings

mostly pendants


table display

Stapehill Craft Fair April 2002

Me and my booth











These pictures were taken at a Stapehill Abbey Craft Fair in April 2002. I'm afraid that's me in the middle there.

Left booth

Left side of my display, with necklaces on the large board and beady necklets and bracelets on the upright stand (slightly right of middle) and wish bottles on the right of the picture at the bottom. And of course lots of earrings in trays and necklace sets on the table.


Right table

Right side of my display, lots of necklaces and earrings on the big board and trays of earrings on the table.


Demo table

Extra table with some of my canes I was demonstrating and some clay (showing my raw materials!) As well as my bargain box, some rings and trinket boxes.


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