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To make all your dreams come true!

Wish Bottle Instructions:

To use: unstopper the bottle, make your wish, and gently blow it into the bottle. Quickly stopper the bottle to trap the wish inside. Leave overnight by the side of your bed. During the night the wish fairy will come and release your wish to help it come true. If you accidentally spill your wish, just make another one.

This bottle can only contain one wish at a time. Wish fairies can be mischievous and often leave the bottle stoppered after they have released your wish, to make you think they have not visited.This bottle is hand crafted from polymer clay by ShelleyM. No two bottles are exactly identical.

This item is not a toy. It contains small parts and is not suitable for young children.
Wish bottles are intended to contain wishes; they are not to be used for any other purpose.
The bottle, its stopper, container and packaging are not to be put in the mouth.

Wish bottles are hand crafted from polymer clay and are available in a multitude of colours and designs, some with stars, moons or hearts, and many with intricate caned pattern designs. The wish bottles pictured are for example only, and not the ones I currently hold in stock as they are constantly changing. You will receive a wish bottle as close to your colour/design request as possible.

They measure about 1 inch high approximately and each comes in in a little display dome, complete with instruction leaflet - as shown above.

If you want to sell wish bottles in your shop you must have a physical shop (not an internet shop). We do not supply internet based shops at this time.

Please e-mail wishes@shelleym.co.uk for more information about purchasing the special 'starter pack'. The package consists of 30 wish bottles at wholesale price, plus a laminated sign that says 'Wish Bottles', and a further laminated sign that consists of the wish bottle instructions in larger print. Click here to see a photo of my stall at a recent fair complete, with wish bottles and signs.

Once you are selling our wish bottles we will be more than happy to add your shop to our list of suppliers.

Wish bottles 2.95 each, discounted to 2.50 each when 4 or more are bought.

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